Nearly 6 months after the demise of D9CLUBE, a sports trading MLM, its good to report that Danilo Santana, the guy behind the MLM has finally agreed to open the site.

In a telegram thread shared with us, Mr. Danilo agreed that, despite the different huddles and challenges he faced running the program, he will resume business soon.

In the same telegram interview that we held, he confirmed that, everyone will also get a chance to make withdraws, to which payments will be effected to their Bitcoin wallets.

Mr. Danilo further said that, his team has been working around the clock to ensure all money is available, after their system was hacked and over $4M worth of Bitcoins stolen from the D9CLUBE accounts.
When asked how he had managed to get the money to pay people, Mr. Danilo confirmed that, him and the team have been spending sleepless nights trading. The biggest fortune is, they had also hired a Russian made bot using the AI generated signal which had generated enough money to pay everyone.

The full chat we had with Danilo Santana have been shared with members on our Telegram group which can be accessed and joined via this link. https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEQPsI479d8Iy3DMsA

Danilo assured us that no one shall lose any money in D9 as he recited his famous slogan, Ball in the Net, Money in pocket.

Below is evidence of conversation on telegram.



Also, a section of his chat was shared on this twitter handle @BTCbeast.

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