D9CLUB NEWS: How to claim Your money back!

An online claim site is now live for victims of the D9 CLUBE fraud.

Participants in the scheme, who number nearly 1 million and live in virtually every country in the world, can log in to the website www.d9clubeclaims.com   and file claims for alleged losses. The claims website claims to be owned by a team of legal attorneys who have made it their task tohold accountable the men and women who were behind the multi-level ponzi scheme of D9 Clube.

The deadline for filing a claim is November 25, 2017, although any payments will likely take much longer.

D9Clube, formerly based in Brazil, is believed to be the largest Ponzi scheme of 2017, in terms of the number of people affected. The company, which nominally purported to be a Sports trading company, grew into a vast global investment swindle, prosecutors have alleged, with investors believing they had $1.5 billion in their accounts.

In August 2017, Authorities in the Brazilian state of Bahia state raided 10 different locations of the company in a bid to arrest and charge the perpetrators of the scheme. The authorities further state that D9 Clube was founded in Itabuna, ‘but had since expanded into other states and even to other countries‘.

As police look to charge D9 Clube staff and affiliates with tax crimes, crimes against the economy and formation of a pyramid scheme, another group has gunnered coat orders to collect evidence in form of sureties and claim forms from those who lost money in D9 CLUBE.

If successful, the court shall have all funds reversed back to those who will have filled the claim form at D9clubeclaims.com

The criminal trial is currently slated to start in December 2017. Prosecutors have been seeking Danillo Santana’s return from wherever he is hiding and extradition documents have been filled.

Prosecutors would have to get guilty verdicts or guilty pleas in order to release more than $50 million in assets seized from the defendants to participants found to have lost money. Claimants, who put about $1 billion into the scheme, are expected to receive a small portion of their losses.

The online claims process is available in English though it will soon be availed in Spanish, and Portuguese and clear instructions will soon be released. Claimants can register by creating an account with a current e-mail address; they don’t have to remember their D9 CLUBE passwords.

The trustee will send notices to 300,000 participants for whom he has e-mail addresses — about half the total — to inform them that the site is available.

Participants who reaped profits from D9CLUBE are not eligible to claim losses. A small fee of $20 has been put up, to help facilitate the legal team take on this task of claiming for all money from D9 CLUBE owners. This fee is optional. You may or may not pay. However, priority shall be given to those that donated to this legal process.

A video has also been released explaining how to fill the claim form, and a social media handle is in place to keep constant updates on the claim process.
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