D9CLUBE: How to cash out without making withdraw at your back office

In the past one month, many D9 Clube members have not been able to withdraw or even cash out from their D9 Clube accounts.
Considering that you could not even transfer eMoney from one person to another, unless that person is in your network, there was only one option left. And that option has been to activate new accounts using the eMoney accumulated from old accounts.

But where does someone get New Investors, yet those around us can not join. As admins to this blog, we went on a search for an option that could help you. We landed on D9EXCHANGER an exchanger that is designed to help you cash-out on your D9 earnings without going through the high cost withdraw fees. The website connects new investors to old investors and facilitate honest & secure exchange of Cash with D9 eMoney(points)

But when we found it, our worry was, how could we trust such a site considering the level of uncertainty that surrounds us now.  We tested the website, registered, and even subscribed. We then placed a SELL order, and waited to see.

What followed was amazing. Unlike what many of you think, we were instead sent a user of a New investor, and told that we activate that user with a GOLD+ package. We did it, and in less than 15mins, we saw bitcoin sent to our wallet.

They did not ask us for our D9Clube logins, and neither for any commission. The only money they took was the Subscription fee which of-course is understandable.

If you are a D9 Clube member and have alot of virtual money sitting on your account, then why not subscribe at this website, and then place a SELL order.

To know how it works, visit their tutorial page at www.d9exchanger.com/tutorial

Thank us later.

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