Is D9 a Scam or not?

Welcome to my D9 Clube Review!

D9 CLUBE is a sports trading company. It is also a School of Sports Trading and offers you TRAINING COURSER to learn how to do Sports Trading!

D9 Club born in Brazil in January 2016, while the 7 September there was the European launch and now they are bringing D9 in Africa – Thailand and more and more countries worldwide!

“ The sports trading is the exchange of sports betting between sport trader within the Exchange Betting

What Are The D9 Clube Products?

In trying to review a multi-level marketing company, one of the key things that we look out for is whether or not the company is question has a product line.

In the case of D9 Clube, the company has a subscription-based service that allows buyers to gain access to an exclusive platform that’s used for betting on sports – called BetFair. The company says that the platform not only lets users bet on live games, but also has tips and tricks from experts in this field.

What’s The Cost Of Joining D9 Clube?

The bare minimum fee for joining D9 Clube comes in at $50. However, if you want to maximize your potential to earn money through the company, you’ll need to purchase one of the following plans –

  • The first option is the Bronze Trader plan, and this costs $249.
  • Moving up to the Silver Trader package will run you $499.
  • D9 Clube’s Gold Trader plan costs $998.
  • Going all the way up to the Gold Trader+ package will cost a meager $1996.

How do we make money from D9 Clube (Compensation Plan )?

When it comes down to making money within D9 Clube, affiliates have a couple different ways to go about this.

First off, D9 clube offers the opportunity to all its members to be in position to earn weekly earnings for as long as they are members. By this I mean, you have purchased one of its packages.

The highest and most paying package costs $2,000 and earns you $170 weekly. This earning of $170 goes on for a period of 52 weeks.

MOST AMAZINGLY, members/affiliates also have the chance to earn endless incomes as well. Here is how!

First off, they stand to earn a commissions whenever they’re able to sell a voucher for BetFair to retail customers.

Additionally, affiliates can earn even more commissions through the act of enlisting additional people to join the affiliate program that D9 Clube offers.

Retail Commissions

When an affiliate is able to sell one of the company’s vouchers for BetFair, they’ll earn a 30% commission off of the $280 retail price. For those of you keeping track at home, that comes out to an amount of $84.

Once a customer purchase one of these vouchers, they’ll have access to D9 Clube’s BetFair platform for a total of 52 weeks – or 1 year.



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