The very bad news is that, D9 Clube has finally scammed for good. After launching D9 Club for the second time, a thing they termed as D9 Season 2, it was a clear sign that Mr.Danillo (real name De Ni Ro) had already planned out an exit strategy which worked like magic.

As of today 22nd September 2017, it has been confirmed that, the long time scam whose operation methodology was a hybrid MLM ponzi scheme will nolonger be making any payments to any of its investors.

At the time of this article, a new team of legal professionals were crafting out a way to bring to book, the people behind D9, and make them account or pay back.

“Just like it happened during Telexfree time, when over 63% of the telexfree members got paid after a legal battle that Telexfree lost, we can guarantee you that, we shall take on a legal battle and ensure that everyone who invested their money in D9 CLUBE, gets their money paid back.” Said one of the legal counsels.
Keep checking out this blog, as we shall keep you posted on the legal proceedings and how not to miss getting paid back all your investments.
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