How to Earn endlessly from D9 Clube?

The gains on D9 by network (enrolling people) – COMPENSATION PLAN






If your intention is to make the network or have affiliates enrolled you, D9 will give you a great reward for having presented the project to other people.

Then when you register under someone of you take a percentage on their points, the percentage depends on the package that you possess, points correspond to dollars.

Example: if you have a GOLD pack and you subscribe a GOLD member you will earn 17 % !!!

But be careful because it does not end here!!! On D9 also earn on the binary system!!!


The binary system works that you have registered people on left and right leg (you choose whether to send the next writing to the right or left) and you will have a gain in % on the leg weaker.

Example: If you have a Gold package and you have 3 people registered on the left and right, where the left leg is weaker, you earn 40% of the total points of the leg, which in the photo are 765, 40% are 306 points, i.e. 306 dollars!

To activate the binary system is essential to have at least a member to the right and one to the left.



But it is not over here!

There is also a bonus derived from the monthly membership of 50 dollars for every members on your team.





And to finish the plan career….so you understand now why D9 is so great!!!




Other possibilities of earnings

D9 CLUB also gives you the opportunity with packages that buy to have material to become good sports trader and then make bets thanks also to the signals, guidelines, that they will say then with high probability of winning that obviously you will have to follow.

Below other information useful to know about D9 CLUB

Who are D9

This is a group of people of broad vision, focusing on entrepreneurship digital, that together search financial independence, a better quality of life working time flexibility for all our members and their families.


Our mission is that of forming the best professionals of Trading Sports in the world but also to teach people to have an alternative of extra income by direct investment in sports bag, such as Betfair.


E-Learning exploits the use of platforms of advanced training, distance , where members have the opportunity to learn from anywhere they are found. You need only have a pc, tablet or Smartphone with access to the internet.


The most and important sports bag of the world;

-100% credibility in the market;

-Easy to use;

-Possibility of bets in a determined result;

-Covers all sporting events existing;

-The odds have the function of actions: Buying and selling;


• Modules with various video-classrooms;

• Quiz – Questions and answers;

• Help by qualified teachers;

• Statistics on yield;

• certificate after completing the course;

• interactive forum between students;

• D9 Auditorium – system to be able to perform live webinars.


• Immediate solution of compensation for students;

• two options:

– simple interest (average gains of 2 % for every banking business day);

– Compound Interest (average gains of 5 % for every banking business day);

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  1. am much interested in this venture. I wish u could organise a workshop around fortportal.

    1. Sure, a team will be in FortPortal very soon. In the mean time, please inbox us on our facebook page INTERNET PAYS, and inbox us with your phone number there. We shall get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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