D9 Clube New Changes

THIS IS VERY URGENT to all D9 Clube Members

Recently, D9 Clube management introduced a new set of rules that will govern the club. These news rules affect all current members of the company and thus should be read very carefully.

Our Club is very happy with the commitment of all, with our success all over the world with all our meetings full of people looking for a radical change of life, financial independence and geographical freedom. D9 seeks constant improvement and this annoys many people. Unscrupulous, envious people who seek in every way will shake us …. hackers, they persecute us – but truth always wins, triumphs of work in all circumstances. AND WARNING: Technical changes are needed in the early hours of Sunday to Monday so you have all the security, comfort and ease of access to payments for D9 to serve your requests. Be very careful to follow the new rules for withdrawals:

Set 1: AUTH mandatory and secondary password for pick request, so you have 100% security in the processing required for pickup. You need to connect your account. A pawn, then you will have to create a secondary password to do is required any financial transaction.

Set 2 is very important. 

Set 2: To activate a D9 account, you need a minimum 50% deposit to D9 VIP accounts – and the rest in BALANCE D9. A practical example: a Gold PLUS account costs $ 2046.00 already with START included. In this case, the affiliate will need to buy at least $ 1023.00 in VIP balance to allow the package to value to remain in equilibrium D9.

Set 3: Everyone knows that monthly activations have a value of $ 50.00 and has the right to maintain the D9 and receive suggestions and forecasts rightly margin 75-90% on average in sports for every affiliate. The difference is that this $ 50.00 value can only be done with the monthly payment of 100% BALANCE VIP. If the affiliate fails to settle for a period, all receipts in your account will be suspended until payment is made and the account re-activated. To prevent this from happening, the system always notifies you in five days before the activation deadline.

Set 4: We will implement a maximum limit of $ 1,000.00 for each serving week and keep a minimum of $ 300 for each access account in the system. An example: If the affiliate has enough balance to make weekly withdrawals, a month of four weeks at the end of the month will be able to withdraw $ 4,000.00 for each login. AND WARNING: You can not ask for the receipt of funds received by wire transfer from another login though affiliate. With this measure, we hope to inhibit scalper and bad actions. Remember that DLD9 earnings share has a maximum limit of US $ 680.00 per month of access – so $ 4,000 is the limit on demand per month and is enough to ensure an excellent quality of life for you and your family.

Rule 5: Now it’s time to be happy, D9 will release the VIP package for $ 5,000.00. In the VIP package you are entitled to: * 16 EAD courses – Distance Learning School * $ 200 for BetcoinClub entry to the market * Generates 680 points in bonuses * DLD9 pays 50% of weekly points * Also pay for the track of 40% * And it adds an additional level of residuals – that is, the VIP pack up to the 7th level of depth …. * Warning: VIP accounts receive 50% of D9 balance track earnings and 50% VIP balance. Just so: 50% in D9 balance and 50% in VIP balance.

9 thoughts on “D9 Clube New Changes

  1. For someone who had just joined d9 before these changes were made and actually made the first withdrawal but caught up in the system and it is now 2 weeks, how do you advise? And how much can one withdraw per week?
    What are the actual means of accessing the money locally in Uganda?

    1. Sit back, relax and wait for August. Even then, pray that D9 delivers on its promise. From the look of things, its seems D9 affiliates like you might be headed for a serious shed of tears.

      1. Dia Blaise it was promised that the payment system would be ready by 15 July now it has shifted to August? Seems many of us rushed to register for the business with out being properly informed on how we are going to receive our money in real cash either than being paid from ones recruitment. What assurance do we have?

  2. i joined d9 and after a month it went down and i had not withdrawn anything. I had bought a gold+. what will happen to me.

    1. • Is your D9 account showing upgrade/renewal but you don’t have VIP or eMoney?
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    2. when you log into your account, your money will be there as D9 B balance. if you wish to continue with the business, you will need 50% of that e money and 50% VIP balance purchased from the company. if you dont feel like continuing with the business, your money will remain on the account till march 2018 when you will be able to withdraw. for any query or want to start afresh,please contact me thru email: robertwanya@gmail.com or watsapp +256712984265.

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