All D9 New and Old members. There is Breaking news that you should take very very seriously!

Here is the truth. If you truly MUST cash out from D9 CLUBE, then STOP RECRUITING right now. The people you are recruiting shall never withdraw any cash!

RIGHT NOW, go straight to www.d9exchanger.com and click on BECOME A MEMBER. Register an account, and pay subscription fee of $150.


Prepare to cash out your D9 Money or even sell off your entire account to those in Asia, Peru, COlombia etc. They are new to D9 Club, and are willing to buy.

Then, like a prodigal son, accept that this exchanger site accessed at www.d9exchanger.com is your only hope to ever get money in form of bitcoins from D9CLUBE.

Don’t say we never warned you!!!!

D9CLUBE IS SCREWING US ALL SOON, but the sooner we rush, the better!

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