Introducing CRYPTO TINAH, the radical crypto trader.

Some have called her the Crypto dynamite while others believe she is the single mostsuccesful trader in online trading.
She is the brains behind one of the most reliable and authentic Crypto sharing group called Diamond Crypto Signals. She is a highly accurate ELLIOTT WAVE specialist trader, with 8 plus years’ experience in Traditional Stocks and Commodities before moving exclusively into CryptoCurrency trading. While she is primarily focused on EW, she also uses other methods to trade including support and resistance, Bollinger Bands, Fibonacci, and various chart indicators.  

Trading crypto exclusively since 2013, (& owning several cryptocurrencies), TINAH is among the very few traders with a win rate of 73%. Her trading view portfolio has soared over the years both in bear and bull markets.

She is now on a mission to share her winning signals to everyone in the cryptocurrency space. Her ambitions know no limits and her drive is unmatched. Before launching DIAMOND CRYPTO TRADES, she first recruited a class of 50 young traders who she trained into hardcore crypto traders. After a successful stride with them, she decided to now scale her skills to the wider community.

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