Weak hands sell their Bitcoin-Wall Street are buying up your Bitcoin!

Welcome to the game of Cryptotrading. But this ain’t for the faint hearted. January 2018 started off as a blood month for the crypto, as the bitcoin lost almost 50% of its value to the USD.

Whilst you buy Shitcoins hoping to make big profits the elites are taking your Bitcoin from you cheap !

Think about it logically.. Since Wall Street got involved the price has fallen as they short the coin.

Meanwhile mainstream media spread fake news fear and doubt.

Their intention is to get more of the 80% of bitcoin that’s already circulating. They know bitcoin is going to be worth 100x it’s current value.

So whilst you panic sell on fake news I’m buying more and holding for the long term. There is so much development going on behind the scenes with Bitcoin including lightning payment channels for low cost instant transactions for mainstream adoption at merchants and smart contracts that will change many industries over the coming years.

95% of all the token coins will die off over time and only the very best technological applications with real world use will survive. Regulation will also start to take effect in the next 5 years that will dramatically reduce the number of ICO’s and scam token launches.

Think long term and think where we will be in the next 5 years and don’t sell your Bitcoin unless you have to.

This is my opinion and I’m holding on to my bitcoin and only investing into other crypto tokens that I believe have real world use and real utility for the masses. The global elites want your bitcoin and they will do whatever they can to get it off you.

They know and understand the power of a totally decentralised one world currency and they also know that the fiat system is irreparably broken.

The debt bubble is closer than ever to exploding and CryptoCurrency is the pin that will inevitably burst their bubble.

Wall Street are fearful and that’s why they have now gotten involved.

This year the US Nasdaq will launch futures trading and the winklevoss Brothers should have their ETF approved bitcoin the SEC.

Mike Novogratz is working on building a CryptoCurrency bank.

The signs are all there and more money will continue to flow from fiat currencies into crypto. Make sure you are holding on to at least one Bitcoin because those that do will be the new generation of wealth holders on the planet.
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